Get Mini Excavator Rental Service in Toronto

Get a mini excavator rental service in Toronto? Visit today at to meet the requirements of your excavation project. We use our mini excavator for a small to medium all types of excavating jobs like - patio, retaining walls, trenching, setting the stone, and tree planting in GTA, ON. We are always ready to work with you whether you are a contractor, homeowner, or working on projects like:
  1. Property improvement and landscape projects
  2. Irrigation installation and drainage projects
  3. Plumbing and electrical installation or repairs

Quick Specs:
  1. Max dig depth: 4.5′
  2. Max reach above ground: 7′ 9”
  3. Overall width: 2′ (retracted)
Our services will deliver to your job site directly, and we provide an overview of the equipment’s basic operation. Please call us at 647-868-2447, or text a quote.


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